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stories, not just mistresses in history, but presidential kerry are. don't worry, there's juicy stories involved. one of us are 22nd and 24th president, grover cleveland. when grover cleveland was a young man, there is a deep because he fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman for you helping from pennsylvania and she might've been a two. at the least she was very casual about her relationships. cleveland with a bachelor in the 1880s and became the 1890s. it was such a big to do for other reasons. one was that the republican opponents, the republican nominee in a group of righteous preachers started a campaign. lock your doors. cleveland is probably street, debauching young women. really the question campaign attacking cleveland, so it became a huge story because they wouldn't let it go. one of the things that saves cleveland as it turns out she's deploying likely had more affairs in this affairs misplace miraculously gave birth six months after they got married. so blame was keeping all this combination on cleveland. the one thing more than a politician that makes takes is a hypocr
for reelection. against john kerry, but voted by a small margin seem to believe bush should be the better theater cannot be with the vote reflected a favorable referendum on george w. bush's first term. the importance of the communication of a candidate cannot be discounted as a factor however. but all of this misses a different valuation of mayors being taken into account in judging between incumbent or obama and his challenger, and that rummy. that is the of the second term on so many presidents. only seven of 19 presidents elected to a second term avoided having a troubled or failed second term. i would give the country about a 30% chance of obama and the nation next. cnn improved security and economic climate. after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest the campbell should not be taken, simply that history playing with politics might give us pause. so what does history project about a second term for barack obama? where he reelect it was so few president having success at that time in office. what are the challenges that face those who had trouble or failed second term and what a
to run you just keep cool, man. that is a sensibility that kerry and his buddies, you know, who have some of his buddies have what they call a game, which is basically basketball and smoking dope. you know, just be cool and that is part of hawaii. it is part of their east formative years. and he's always had that. another aspect to it is more developed areas they did, i would say, to politics, which is that in this country and all of its racial dynamics and explosiveness, a black person wants to rise in politics has to stay cool. unfortunately it's just part of the mandate of this country. >> how much pot smoking did the president do? >> he doesn't read them particulars about that. you know, the whole notion of bill clinton saying never inhaled. when jay leno asked him about it. without going overboard, may book documents it pretty thoroughly. that's what they did. he has a thing called ta, total absorption which meant not only did you inhale, but everything in the car when you're smoking it. and so that was part of his existence during that period. postcode david maraniss, winded dairy b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)